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Fall in love with photography again

Iris provides you with the tools you need to effectively run and grow your business, all in one program that's intuitive and easy to use. 


Reclaim lost hours scheduling clients and tracking invoices

Save time creating and managing clients. With simple scheduling and invoicing you now have what you need to be successful.

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"Iris Works saved my sanity! When a program can give you back time, it's priceless. When it can do that with such ease of usability, a streamlined look and feel, and keep everything ultra-organized for you, then I don't have a word good enough for that!"
Devon Jones, Devon J. Imagery

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Meredith Gradle felt like she was losing control of her growing portrait photography business. Keeping clients happy and the bills paid was getting more and more complex. Frustrated that most studio management software didn’t work for a small business like hers, she decided to create her own. The result is Iris, a studio management app built specifically to help small business photographers like you bring balance back to their life.