Lead Capture Form

Manage Clients with the Iris Works Lead Capture Form

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We had a couple awesome new features we announced last week! One of those being the revamped Lead Capture Form. With the URL available in the website lead tab of your studio profile, you can connect a this contact page to your website. Anytime a potential client contacts you via this page, it goes right into the New Leads tab of your client management dashboard. If you have email notifications turned on, you will also receive an email letting you know you have a new lead. You can automatically add them as a client and assign them a workflow, creating that quick professional contact right from the start.


Client management software, studio management program, lead capture, business management, workflow

A majority of our users have a Prophoto/Wordpress site that they use. For those wanting to know how to replace this with the drop down contact form, here’s a quick video tutorial for you.

If you have a custom website that isn’t Prophoto/Wordpress (and you didn’t build it) we highly recommend contacting your website designer so they can insert it for you.